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A birthday cake, made by yours truly

Last week marked the first year anniversary since I launched this blog. Wow, I cannot believe it’s been a year!?! It seems not too long ago since I posted my very first recipe. I was a total noob to the blogging world, had no idea what widgets were, snapped pictures with my iPhone and published posts using a free template. Thanks to all your feedback and comments as to what’s helpful and what’s not, suggestions of what kind of recipes you like, and your encouragement to keep writing personal stories, that fait maison blog has evolved to what it is today! When I first started the blog a year ago, I had no idea what would become of it or how far it’ll go. A year later, I know my humble blog is still far from some of the other fantastic blogs out there, but I am grateful for all the good things that have come my way in the past one year.

Here are some of the highlights in the past year…

1. The birth of a blog

It was my artiste managers at Fly Entertainment who first mooted the idea of starting a blog to me. And it was also them who kicked my butt every time I had an excuse why it was taking me so long to get started. Thank God they did because this very blog might not exist if they hadn’t! The idea of the blog really took shape after a “eureka” moment when my neighbour unknowingly gave me the inspiration for the blog name. We had him over for dinner, I made bread, he exclaimed in French ‘fait maison‘ (meaning homemade), and the rest is history. Special thanks to my crazily talented friend Melvin who designed the logo and conveyed everything I wanted through it.


2. 12 days of Xmas recipes

Thanks to my best friend’s bright idea, I decided to post 12 recipes on the 12 days leading up to Xmas last year. And to make things even more interesting, each recipe had to be inspired by that particular day in the song ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’. It was the most intense Christmas I’d ever had! Not only was I making Christmas cakes and roasting turkeys for orders, I was also baking/cooking/blogging a recipe a day! There were days when I was in the kitchen all day, even past midnight, exhausted and thinking ‘what did I get myself into?’ But after completing it, I felt proud that I accomplished something that I thought was beyond me.

Day 11: Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

Day 11: Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

3. Straits Times feature

After the 12 days of Christmas recipes endeavour, I embarked on a similar project for Chinese New Year, featuring 8 CNY-inspired recipes. One of them was picked up by the local newspaper and my recipe and I appeared in a half-page feature. I was really happy with how that article turned out and since then, my lychee pannacotta with pomegranate jelly recipe has been made and enjoyed by many.

The Sunday Times (Jan 2013) - Liven Up Lychees

The Sunday Times (Jan 2013) – Liven Up Lychees

4. Gourmet Living feature

The other feature article I really enjoyed shooting was for Gourmet Living magazine. It was such a fun shoot and I shared my cheese and herb scone recipe and pavlova recipe in it.


Gourmet Living Magazine (Jun/Jul 2013) – Chefs From All Walks of Life

5. Singapore Blog Awards Finalist

Possibly the biggest highlight and achievement of the year was to be shortlisted as one of the finalists in the 2013 Singapore Blog Awards ‘Best Cooking Blog’ category. Considering how young my blog is and how much there is still to improve on, it was really an honour to even be shortlisted as a finalist. And even though we didn’t win the award, I felt like a winner as the nomination was a nod of approval that my young blog is in the right direction. Plus I was so thankful for the immense support that made us 3rd place in the voting round. Thank you for voting for me!


As fait maison blog passes the first year mark, there are many things to look back and be thankful for. There are also things to look forward to in the coming year…

1. More Recipes

First up, you can look forward to recipes inspired by my recent month-long travels starting next week. My recent vacation to Paris and UK has given me new tastes and new ideas that I will share with you all in the coming posts. I will be attempting to recreate all my favourite foods experienced during my travels and sharing those experiences through photos and recipes.


Enjoying the ‘world’s best ice-cream’ in Paris by the River Seine

2. What Mag Ate

Yes, I do eat and oftentimes I’m asked by people where my favourite joints are, what my favourite cakes are, where I’d recommend them to go etc. I’ve always resisted writing food reviews because there are so many food critics out there doing a good job already. So what I’ve been doing is posting pictures of dishes or food items I’ve eaten and that I think is worth recommending on my Instagram and Facebook feed using the hashtag #whatmagate. In the coming months, I will be posting those foods I think is worth sharing on a new page here on my blog so look out for it!


That’s my ‘I just ate the best macarons in the world face’

3. Videos

I know, I know… a gazillion people have urged me to put up instructional videos together with my recipes in the past year. But it just takes so much work! Plus I have to put on makeup and make sure I look pretty instead of baking in my pyjamas? *whine* But okay, I hear you and I promise I will try. Can’t promise when you’ll see the first video with me in it but I’ll make sure it happens within the next year!

All in all, I just want to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone of you who has been following my blog, commenting on it, giving me suggestions and feedback. If you have any ideas to share, feel free to contact me and let me know! Meanwhile, lotsa love… xoxo.


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